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"Just wanted to share my story with you guys about the amazing nipple cream that worked! I was in pain for the first 30 days of breastfeeding, then I was fine for a couple of weeks and then it hurt for another month and I couldn’t take it any longer. After using the cream my pediatrician suggested I haven't had pain since. Just to let you know, the latch was perfect, no signs of yeast or anything. But whatever it was, was healed after using this cream. It felt better after just a day and was completely better after about 4 days. I hope this can help someone else out there!" — Jessica M.

"I knew I wanted to breastfeed but no one told me it would hurt this bad. I used Palmer’s Drug nipple cream twice and things are completely better. The pain went away fast. I’m glad my doctor recommended I try it". -Wendy R.

"I’ve used Viagra for several years now and saw your ad for huge savings on Sildenafil. I’m getting the exact same benefit from the Sildenafil but paying less than 1/3 of the price. I’m really happy that it is shipped to my door too". - Frank N.

"I’m thrilled that all I had to do was let Palmer’s Drug know my Doctor's information and they did the rest for me. They even called me and let me know they had heard back from my Doctor and my generic Viagra could be shipped. I saved a ton of money and they did the work! I’ve found my pharmacy!" -Bob W.

"I just saved over $100 at Palmer’s Drug on my sildenafil prescription! I’ll be back!" -Chris H.

We Compound Prescriptions With You In Mind

We are your same trusted pharmacy but with new owners. Our goal is to make your experience with us as easy as possible.

At Palmer’s Drug, we care for you as a whole and that’s why we only provide personalized services that meet your unique and changing needs.

We are dedicated to helping our patients to live vibrant and healthy lives. And it’s because of this dedication, that we offer direct to your door shipping, access to real live pharmaceutics and only the industry’s best products.

We will make sure to create that custom-tailored prescription to meet your specific needs.

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Custom tailored prescriptions to meet specific patient needs.

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Custom tailored prescriptions to meet specific patient needs.



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